How to write a good play synopsis of the rover

For the Synopsis-Writing Challenged

Florinda admits she loves Belvile, an English colonel, but her father is determined that she would marry the elderly Don Vincentio who never actually appears in the play.

A comprehensive plot summary defines the inciting incident, briefly describes it and outlines the events that lead to the highest point of action. And when I first read the proposal for a fantasy I ended up publishing, the synopsis was so terrible I almost rejected the book without even looking at the sample chapters.

The Rover Summary

An agent is usually looking for an idea of fresh or unique elements. A fight breaks out and the English are driven off.

Angelica, displeased at having lost a potential customer, commands Willmore to come up and face her in person. Angellica accuses Willmore of having another woman. Willmore believes he has killed Antonio and runs off. Antonio tries to pay for Angellica, but Pedro steps up and declares that he was there first.

As the ladies leave, Florinda gives Belvile a jewel although he has refused to take it. Now, Hellena and Willmore meet up again and she hears him talk about his night with Angellica.

Use our writing critique service and get personalized feedback on your own synopsis! Hellena, destined by her father for a convent, wishes another kind of life and is willing to venture into the carnival setting to seek it.

I personally think 3 is the best, but it helps if you've read the previous two first. What you want to do is write a book summary with enough detail about the plot to intrigue the reader or agent. Scene 3 Florinda and Valeria enter, disguised in different costumes, having momentarily escaped Pedro.

Scene 5 Florinda waits in her garden for Belvile wearing a nightgown. This gives us the readers a glimpse into the life a struggling woman in the late 17th century.

It was a show about four friends who lived their lives in New York City. Frederick fears that she might be a lady of some worth and asks Blunt to wait. Act 2 is the "crusade" of the title. Episode IV in 5 Parts Prologue: Discuss the Climax All stories eventually reach a "point of no return," the climax.

Editorializing your novel or book. She agrees, despite the warnings of her maidservant Moretta. They begin rather aimless adventures in quest of pleasure. She turned to writing for an income. The play ends with vows of love between Hellena and Willmore. Blunt follows her into the bedroom.

The other men, who think of Blunt as a foolish provincial, realise that he has all their money with him, and hope that he does not come to harm.

They all go off to find him. Make each word in your synopsis count. Both women achieve marriages that will assure financial independence and compatibility and will not require excessive emotional commitment.

When she resists he attempts to rape her, but when Belvile and Frederick enter, Florinda runs off. Although the celebration of loyalty may have been its greatest appeal for the Restoration audience, the drama is also noteworthy for its portrayal of strong-willed heroines who choose their own future and act to bring it about.

It gives agents a good and reliable preview of your writing skills. Antonio enters, hoping that his page has paid Angellica so he can sleep with her. The moment the last crew member dies is the moment everything is set up for this last confrontation.

Scene 4 Blunt crawls out of a sewer, furious at having been tricked. She sends a page to find out where they go. She is bound for a convent which is not unusual. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.Writing a book summary may seem simple -- if you take that to mean simply regurgitating the events within a story.

However, it's important to not only discuss the events of a story but also demonstrate understanding of how the events are interrelated and driven by the characters involved. The Rover, or The Banish’d Cavaliers is a play in two parts by the English author Aphra Behn.

A rewriting of a similar play, Thomaso, or The Wanderer written thirteen years earlier, it focuses on the adventures of a group of Englishmen who have traveled to Naples to celebrate Carnival.

A bawdy, humorous play, it is considered one of Behn’s.

How to Write a Plot Summary

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Learn How to Write a Synopsis Like a Pro

The Rover study guide contains a biography of Aphra Behn, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis of the play.

About The Rover The Rover Summary. Nov 30,  · Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next Synopsis | The Rover | Royal Shakespeare Company - Duration: Writers hate writing synopses.

Some find the idea of a synopsis daunting because they have spent the last two years writing a book. Others find the idea distasteful because it is less about the art of writing and more about the business of writing.

How to write a good play synopsis of the rover
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