Kfc political factors

Economic Trends for Restaurants

Focus on low cost and healthy items The preference of the consumers has changed. KFC's communal activities will not only set up a good brand image, but also exerts a subtle influence independently potential consumers and employees.

Packaging or pesticide regulations often erect a hurdle for exports, but not insurmountably so. In early meetings, these commercial partners have been invited to draft priorities and identify barriers, such as EU legislation, that they would like removed.

The major instruments covered by this phrase include import duties, import restrictions or quotas, foreign exchange regulations and preference arrangements.

PEST & PESTEL Analysis

Totally, copies of the questionnaire were handed out and entirely copies were valid in the long run. Millenial preferences The preferences of the millennial generations are vastly different from the baby boomers.

New entrants may find that a high cost of investment is required in 6 securing plant and machinery. Price factors are composed of cost, price, price savings, payment conditions, and credit terms. International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, Vol. You can buy essay help from us today!

9 Factors Influencing Pricing Decisions of a Company

Significant lead over competing brands In the Chinese market, KFC has acquired significant lead over the competing brands. Altitude, relative temperatures and humidity 1 are some of the climatic conditions that can affect products in foreign markets.

For example, internal ones like company size and product placement are main factors influencing the area strategy. On food labelling we have listened too much to the supermarkets rather than going for traffic lights [warnings] which health experts recommend.

Such cultivation expands demand for Western fast food which attracts KFC to enter. Restrictive customs procedures The rules and regulations for classifying and valuing commodities as a basis for levying import duties can be administered in a way that makes compliance difficult and expensive.

In theory these taxes correspond with various international taxes, such as value-added taxes and sales taxes. This isn't 'big society', it's big business.

The human resource localization KFC China make attempts to train promote local personnel because they're familiar with nationwide policies and also have a depth knowledge of the local competitive environment and market characteristics.

The paper analyses 4 a number of the theoretical approaches to strategic planning to be considered in international marketing. Likewise, if your business 40 itself is viewed in a negative light by actors both internal and external to the company, 1 steps need to be taken including the design, quality, marketing and strategy of what is 2 3 offered to correct this and therefore create a feel good factor.

Australian outlets used to offer mutton pot pie and, in the 9 Philippines, where noodle houses are popular, natives go for McSpaghetti.


The strategy for such products is to invest little money into maintaining the product 1 and divert the large profits generated into products with more long-term earnings 2 potential, i.

If you view 8 your product as portraying a certain image that is at odds with the public perception of it, 9 obviously your marketing strategy is not functioning properly. The first eight questions from Question 1 to Question 7 in the questionnaire were used reveal the existing situation of web host receptivity.

It shows the multitude factors to accomplish or impede the progress of KFC's business in China. In 40 other words, just analysing the coordinates of a product into the dogs category would not 1 necessarily mean that it should be singled out for termination.

Business risks

This is becoming an increasingly important issue as food products become more complex and varied. This also deals with the legal environment in which the firms operate like the U. The second is that the difficulties of classification raise serious questions about the accuracy of data on international trade patterns.

The 1 standardised production and operational processes a firm employs can also reduce costs. Other government activity, which affects capital investment includes joint venturing insistence and repatriation of funds. Incentives Many countries try to reduce perceived risk by promoting inward investment through the provision of tax breaks, free ports, enterprise zones etc.

A business 8 will seek to serve and the choice of differential advantage which defines how it will 9 compete with rivals in the segment.PEST analysis is an analysis of the political, economic, social and technological factors in the external environment of an organization, which can affect its activities and performance.

Political Factors Generally, McDonalds are affected by government policy on the regulations of Fast Food Company such as health and hygiene policy.


Government realized health problem have been a big concern for everyone, people are having diseases such as cardiovascular and cholesterol because they are eating too much fast food.

2 Political Problems Affecting the Restaurant Industry; Factors like food and labor cost inflation are likely to continue to impact the restaurant industry in the foreseeable future.

Customer Hospitality: The Case of Fast Food Industry in Bangladesh 2. To know about various factors those are affecting customer hospitality of the fast food industry in Bangladesh. 3. To identify the relevance importance of each factor that contributes to customer Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Best Fried Chicken (BFC).

The social factors that affect a firm involve the beliefs, values, attitudes, opinions, and lifestyles of persons in the firm’s external environment, as developed from cultural, ecological, demographic, religious, educational, and ethnic conditioning.

Social And Cultural Issue Business Essay Introduction. Burger king is a fast food restaurant all over the globe. David Edgerton and James McLamore is the founder of burger king in United States in

Kfc political factors
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