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Knowing these personal details can help them identify those who may need help paying for medication or help getting to the doctor. Why didn't she go public earlier?

McCulley and others at LexisNexis insist the scores are only used to help patients get the care they need and not to determine how much someone would pay for their health insurance.

Doctors and hospitals have typically been paid based on the quantity of care they provide.

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He spoke about acts he had seen in pornographic films involving such things as women having sex with animals and films involving group sex or rape scenes. Another way to say that might be: Listeners now consume 71 percent of all podcasts on their phones, up from 42 percent just three years ago, Edison Research tells us.

But he was excited about the possibilities. Will podcasting turn out to be much more of an entertainment medium as compared to a news or news features medium — or are those differences still meaningful today?

According to sources who've seen the FBI report, nothing in it contradicted Hill's story except nominee Thomas, who denied any harassment. The seemingly overnight development of a critical mass of talented storytellers.

NPR will use the interest from the bequest to expand its news staff and reduce some member stations' fees. Simon and other senators said they would press to have Tuesday's vote on Thomas delayed.

Ruane acknowledged that the information his company gathers may not be accurate for every person. Employers, she said, could even decide not to hire people with data points that could indicate high medical costs in the future.

Data Protection Choices

A company was accused of putting its enrollment office on the third floor of a building without an elevator, so only healthy patients could make the trek to sign up. On the other hand, women have increasingly said that men don't take charges of sexual harassment terribly seriously, and the United States Senate is almost all male.

What will happen to the user experience, as new products roll into the marketplace to improve discovery? I felt as though I did not have a choice, that the pressure was such that I was going to have to submit to that pressure in order to continue getting good assignments, being able to work and be comfortable in the work environment, which--if I had submitted to his pressure, I would not have felt comfortable any way, but I--I felt that that was part of the bargain that he was trying to ma--what message that he was trying to send to me--that if I did not submit, that I was not going to be--continue to be a good employee.

Add to those well-articulated causations the lowered costs of improved podcast tech, and the robotization of so much commercial radio, once an innovative medium.Take our playbook: NPR’s guide to building immersive storytelling projects Building Community, newsletters, Strategy How to develop a strong, sustainable local newsletter.

Connect with ocean experts and explore topics from corals to coastal science with our audio podcast. Are you looking for our Making Waves, Diving Deeper, or Ocean Shorts podcasts?

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We combined all three of these podcasts into one. npr TED Radio Hour The TED Radio Hour is a narrative journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, and new ways to think and create.

A conversation at a Mexican restaurant led Kate & Andy Spade to ask, "What's missing in designer handbags?" Kate's answer was a simple mod.

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National business report npr podcast
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