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A final decision is contingent on negotiations with our Norpac paper unions, which are currently under way.

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But the publisher of The Republican, a daily in Springfield, Mass. I see these people are literally struggling to stay in business Outside of the White House, though, there is growing political support for the news business, with bi-partisan bills introduced in both the Senate and House of Representatives to stop the duties.

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International Trade Commission — which adjudicates complaints about foreign exporters — held a day of hearings on the issue, with testimony from Canadian and American paper makers, newspapers, and an unusual, bi-partisan parade of 19 congressmen all opposed to the duties.

NORPAC was looking to modernize the hardware and software interfaces to their host computer applications. Because of the negative impact, chambers of commerce, economic development officials and political leaders oppose the tariffs.

Hudnall responded to a dispatch call "referencing an assault and possible abduction" near Renick, according to a criminal complaint. The company said that the tariffs helped balance the playing field with subsidized Canadian companies.

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The little guys I print, they have a hard time to pay my bills, some of them. So newspapers are reducing their size by four to eight pages at a time, and shrinking staffs. Page 6 of In the meantime, however, the cost cuts and downsizing at newspapers have continued.

Board member Mike Rose and board appointee Greg Furlong were also present, but were not actively sitting on the committee. Newspapers might well need new legislation. Daily Gazette press operators do a press run with rolls of newsprint at the ready, March 24, This morning, 16 congressional lawmakers will testify against the levies during the final phase hearing before the International Trade Commission.

The duties will become permanent if both bodies agree they are required.

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Newspapers might well need new legislation. Newspapers still provide citizens with valuable information about national, state and local government, schools, community activities, business, entertainment and sports.

Although the Department of Commerce revised the tariffs to lower levels, Chavern said they still "would have been unsustainable for newspapers, other printers and publishers and printers. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are increasingly working on finding relief for the newspaper industry, which has been hit hard by tariffs imposed on Canadian groundwood paper imports by the Trump administration.

According to the criminal complaint, Corporal C. The duties will become permanent if both bodies agree they are required. ABB would also supply software engineering services to help readdress interface databases to make use of the updated system components.

Before steel tariffs, before China tariffs, the duties imposed by the U. With the tariffs in place, the company announced in May it was hiring 50 new employees and re-starting an idled paper-making machine. Department of Commerce has determined are subsidized and sold in the United States at less than fair value.

With the tariffs in place, the company announced in May it was hiring 50 new employees and re-starting an idled paper-making machine.


David Richey, a spokesman for Norpac, said he was "surprised to say the least" by the International Trade Commission's vote. Although the request for tariffs against Canadian imports of newsprint comes from owners of a Washington paper mill, the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association and Allied Daily Newspapers of Washington oppose the duties.

With the tariffs in place, the company announced in May it was hiring 50 new employees and re-starting an idled paper-making machine. There are also questions about the extent of any subsidies, said Jim Ewert, general counsel for the California Newspaper Publishers Association.

Earlier this month, a similar case concerning U. They will only take them away. NORPAC argues, meanwhile, that many of the Canadian paper mills have benefited from various government subsidies, and dump their product into the States at less-than-fair value.

He likened the situation to putting a tariff on Canadian maple syrup in an effort to rescue American maple syrup producers.Newsprint. Newsprint is a lightweight paper, made mainly from mechanical wood pulp, engineered to be bright and opaque for the good print contrast needed by newspapers.

NORPAC is reportedly one of five newsprint paper mills still remaining in the U.S., but it was the only one to file an antidumping complaint.

Bills Introduced in Both Congressional Houses. Because management at NORPAC, a paper manufacturer in Washington state, claims that Canadian imports have been harming the company and threaten its long-term viability.

No other U.S. paper mills. A paper mill in Lewiston, Wash., North Pacific Paper Company (NORPAC), had filed a complaint with the Commerce Department a year ago claiming that its business was being harmed because the. Printing Papers. Lindenmeyr Munroe represents over 60 world-class paper manufacturers, providing customers with the most in-depth and diverse portfolio of products within the industry.

With such a wide product offering, customers are able to find the paper option that best fulfills their creative, budgetary and environmental needs. Founded inNorPac Inc. is a leading Manufacturers’ Representative firm engaged in the Plumbing, Hydronic Heating, and Irrigation industries - servicing Washington, Oregon, N.

Idaho, and Alaska. We strategically target all market segments including wholesale distributors, industry contractors, and specifying agencies.

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